by Clearviews

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released March 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Clearviews Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Hopeless
On the thing
That got
Us here

I Tried
So Hard
To Keep
Everyone Together

I can't
Find anyone
It's so
Track Name: Stranger
I never shed a tear at your funeral
you're just a stranger
I never looked you in the face
and felt anything
I hate you
for what you did to my family
You're just a bitter old man
drunk on your selfishness

I never
Shed a tear
At your funeral
You'er just a stranger
Track Name: Two Years
It's been two years that I've been here
and nothing's gotten better
I feel alone sitting here writing songs
while everyone out doing more important

I can't move on
But I can't stay where I'm at
I need to fine
A way out of this trap

I can't stand this
feeling but i
fell it every
single day

I can't move on
But I can't stay where I'm at
I need to fine
A way out of this trap
Track Name: Gwen Stefani
All the things running through my head
Are making me sick to my stomach
What to do and where to go
And how to live my life

I'm so tired of all of this
what everyone's doing
Getting wasted and wasting their life
on things that won't last more than one night
I'm gonna be a better man
than all of them
living life day by day
I'm gonna live my life my way
Track Name: No Sleep
I woke up from a dream last night
Where I didn't feel quite right
Felt something around my neck
Choking what life I had left

I wish
I could of kept
My feelings
All in check

I woke up from a dream
Where I lost everything
All my friends and family
I didn't feel a thing

No Sleep